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A Mastodon relay distributes posts from the users of a member instance to all of the other members federated feeds. The result is smaller instances benefit from each others post traffic. This is a list of relays currently available to Canadian Mastodon admins.


This relay is maintained by @[email protected]. If you’d like to use this relay, please contact me there to be allow listed.

If you’re using Mastodon, you may subscribe to this relay with the address:

For other software:

You may subscribe to this relay with the address:


Unlike other relay software, this relay allows instance administrators to configure what they want to receive; administrators can subscribe to all posts, only posts with certain hashtags, or even subscribe to nothing and only publish to the relay.

For additional information, please see the docs page.

This relay instance is maintained by Andrew Dunham, who can be reached at @[email protected].